Experts in Strategic Account Management & Field Force Enablement for life sciences ...

Imonic Consulting:

new thinking, enhanced capability building and practical tools to help Field Force teams improve performance ...

What Imonic provide:

competitive advantage when it comes to managing their most important stakeholders & accounts ...

What our clients achieve:

Create a robust strategy and methodology for key accounts?
Establish or improve Account Team working?
Build insight capabilities?
Create more opportunities to work with high-value accounts?
Integrate OCE Strategy with Account Team working?

What do you want to do?...

About Imonic:

Imonic is a consultancy and training company. Established in 1990, our identity, ‘Imonic’ is a neologism, born out of combining and blending parts of the words: Implement, Monitor and Control – which have always been relevant in our work to support and deliver valued outcomes for our clients.

Imonic are a team of experts dedicated to solving our clients sales, account management and field force related brand challenges to ensure that they achieve their goals. Most of our clients categorise us as experts in Strategic Account Management or Key Account Management, however our work often goes wider and beyond the traditional boundaries of this categorisation or deeper into specific elements.

We have been successfully consulting, training and implementing client projects, for over 30 years, during that time there has been a lot of change to embrace and adapt to, including CRM, MCM, OCE & countless new sales and engagement models, through to the current challenges of managing the customer experience in an environment shifting away from predominantly face-to-face engagements (not that this is new to us, we were supporting some of the big Techs, like Oracle, shift major parts of their business to ‘Inside Sales’ in the late 1990’s).

One thing remains constant however; our clients want new thinking, enhanced capability building and practical tools to help their Field Force teams achieve competitive advantage.

What we bring:

  • Seasoned expertise, developed not only through deep experience in Pharma, but a wealth of experience in complex and highly regulated sectors like Aerospace, Utilities and Defence.
  • Practical tools and insights – developed through leading strategic projects and working across many countries for global or regional organisations 
  • Being Strategic Partners for KAM in two of the top 10 Pharma – which brings a constant update and detailed understanding of the current industry challenges in this area
  • The insights that come from the design, methodology development and complete management of major industry research projects
  • The ability to offer turnkey project management for the roll-out of new processes, tools and training to a variety of demanding stakeholders