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Migration and Retention

When a young bird comes to "fly the nest" it is rarely due to an instant decision or a moment's impulse. Clues are given in the run up to the event: their character changes, they are less attentive to the siblings they have been sharing the nest with. They exercise their wings more and more often, move to the edge of the nest and flap their wings in anticipation, until finally they take the plunge.

Migrating birds also show certain unusual characteristics before taking flight for the winter. They demonstrate excessive feeding, gather in a key place and make strange noises before deciding the time is right to head for a warmer place.

No - you've not been re-routed to a bird-watching site! The point is that customers are nearly always the same as these birds when thinking about migrating to another supplier. Their behaviour changes, giving tell-tale clues that they are on the brink of reducing their dealings with you, lessening their loyalty or moving-on entirely.

Imonic work with clients to identify potential migration characteristics and develop measures and indicators to flag these changes in customer behaviour, so that intervening action can be taken to improve retention and enhance loyalty.

In the same way as a fledgling can easily be pulled from the outside edge of the nest, back to the comfort of the centre of the nest, it is often not possible to pull them back once they've taken the "leap" and flown the nest.

Identifying migration signals early on is absolutely key to reducing 'Customer Churn'.