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Key Account Development (KAD™)

The retention and growth of important customers is at the very heart of business success. You only need to lose one or two to feel the effects on the bottom line. At the same time, it is these key customers that offer the greatest potential for the future growth and security of your business.

In recognition of this, Imonic have developed KAD™, a model designed to help you get more from your high value customers. A fixed cost solution, KAD™ is ideal if you don't want to cherry pick individual services but are looking for an approach that gets the fundamentals in place for a chosen selection of strategically important customers.

The model has proved to be extremely popular among clients to date, since it offers predefined stages, a known time plan and measurable results - for a fixed cost investment.

How does it work?

The model has several stages as outlined below:

Segmentation allows you to choose those customers of highest value to work with.

Customer Feedback and Benchmarking. This stage surveys the interactions between your business and its customers, in order to measure your performance in each area and benchmark it against the competition.

Customer Driven Improvement. The model divides the feedback gained from your customers into three areas: Quick Wins (things you can do for immediate impact), Process Improvement (areas of change that will benefit other customers too) and Preference Management (looks at doing business the way your customer wants to). Refer to process improvement and preferences pages for further detail.

Re-appraisal. This process measures the effects your actions have had on your customers, and highlights any changes in their perceptions of you compared to the competition.

For a quick glimpse of how important your key customers really are, visit the interactive and downloads section to project growth and retention effects for your own business.