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Easy to do business With?

The concept of ease of use for product assessment (believed to have been originated by IBM for PCs) is a good one for consumer products since we all have experience of it. For example, in our view:

  • A TV set is "ease of use"
  • A video recorder is "not"
  • A motor car is "ease of use"
  • A PC is definitely "not"!

What about your products?

With relation to services the concept becomes "easy to do business with" (e2-DBW). Imonic can significantly benefit customers by helping you to develop differentiation in the eyes of customers by becoming more and more e2-DBW.

Regardless of your own perceptions, whether you are e2-DBW or not, is a judgement made by your customers. Therefore determination; of if, or why you are e2-DBW must be 'externally determined' and not 'internally decided'. Different customers have different ideas about how e2-DBW you are, according to their specific needs.

Imonic Approach

Imonic start by segmenting groups of customers to agreed criteria. We then go through structured questions, prompted by a detailed understanding of what their key interactions are with your business, what comparisons they can draw with other leading suppliers and of course, which particular segment group they belong to, in order to draw out their frustrations and ideas and determine what e2-DBW means for them.

The ideas generated are then assessed (these can range from minor tweaks to creative and even wacky suggestions!), with a view to implementing the ideas which will result in the greatest service differentiation or cost savings for our client.

We use a proven process that can lead to anything - from a revised billing structure to franchising part of the service delivery - to a major reorganisation. The results can make a significant and measurable contribution to lowering customer churn rates in key segment groups.

The bottom line is that customers enjoy doing business with organisations that are "easy to do" business with.