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Customer Reporting

Formal customer reporting is standard practice in some industries, although others shy away from it or have yet to consider it. Imonic can achieve excellent differentiation for your business through the simple application of customer reporting.

Where do I start?

Here is a set of ground rules to help you get started.

  • Identify a set of metrics that are important to your chosen group of customers (usually your most valuable ones) and buy them into the concept
  • Format an easy to read report (and remember - a picture saves a thousand words)
  • Determine a reportable frequency - can be weekly, monthly, quarterly. Most of our clients opt for monthly, with a few preferring quarterly
  • Run the report internally, iron out the bugs and get your performance to an acceptable level (you don't need to wait until you're perfect)
  • Announce to customers and launch.


1. Keeps active dialogue going
2. Prompts staff to fix problems and get answers
3. Differentiation from competitors/similar suppliers
4. Encourages both parties to understand and agree what levels of performance are required
5. Opportunity to exceed customer requirements.