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Customer Knowledge Management

Building and pooling detailed knowledge of your customers is critical to maximising the value you can give them. Our expertise in this area centres on identifying what 'customer knowledge' is most important to gain and maintain, in order to align products, services and marketing strategy to best fit their wants and needs.

Through the use of key account plans and specific account actions, knowledge acquisition is targeted, gained and measured. This knowledge can then be used to promote specific products or value added services that meet customer objectives. Improved customer knowledge can improve competitiveness or help you identify additional solution-based services to meet customer vulnerabilities that you've discovered. One example is a recent Utility client that was able to identify and understand further a customer's operation and supply requirements which led to increased loyalty though the provision of additional infrastructure which increased the security of their supply to this major industrial customer.

Imonic's approach in this area, much like our philosophy with many of our other services, is to concentrate on the fundamentals, and measure the value any additional knowledge contributes. We will then incorporate more sophistication when the client starts to harvest the initial benefits.

They say "knowledge is power", it is clear to us that knowledge provides "access".

  • · To identify further customer opportunities.
  • · To meet more often and develop relationships.
  • · To provide more effective solutions for customers.

Our "fundamental" approach to knowledge management, assesses the key steps of:

  • Knowledge acquisition.
  • Knowledge growth.
  • Knowledge access.
  • Knowledge media.

By "gaining" and "using" knowledge from your customers and "linking" it to their objectives and to the service/products you supply - you aid their success, as well as yours!