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Our Work in Pharm
Our Work in Pharma:

We work within Healthcare, dedicated to ensuring your Field-Force functions collaborate and plan effectively to drive your brand objectives.

Scope and Depth of Experience:

Multi-sector experience of over 50 projects in 18 countries

Scope and Depth of Experience

What we do:

Imonic work with Pharma, either to help establish multi-disciplinary field teams or improve the effectiveness of existing field teams.

In our experience, we have found that the degree to which essential functions collaborate (Market Access, Sales, Medical) is the key determinant of successfully executing brand strategy and organisational goals.

Additionally, our unique approach has demonstrated increased job satisfaction for field team members and increased customer satisfaction from Healthcare professionals.

Our Approach:

Imonic works in 4 distinct areas to help Pharma companies on this journey:
  1. Diagnostic Health check - A simple diagnostic tool, backed up by real evidence to show you where your challenges may lie in the Strategy to Execution model.

  2. Collaboration Standards A comprehensive set of standards and best practices that incorporate the following: Vision and Strategy, Measures of Success, Roles & Responsibilities, Behaviours & Competencies and Communication/information exchange.

  3. Strategic Account Management An innovative methodology and toolset that ensures:
    - Analysis of broad multi-functional data
    - Creation and prioritisation of opportunities
    - Construction and agreement on 'Shared Objectives'
    - Development of differentiated Engagement Plans

  4. KPI's and Metrics An approach and framework to define a set of KPI's/Metrics that support your desired ways of working
Our Approach
How to contact us:

We look forward to any discussions you would like on this topic, and to see where we can partner in the future.

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Phone: 0044 (0) 116 240 4466