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Interaction Management

At Imonic, we use Interaction Management as a guiding principle for much of the work we do. It is our view that you cannot manage a customer relationship effectively without having identified and measured your organisation's ability to meet key customer expectations across all of the interactions each customer deems important.

Additionally, Imonic gain exceptional results for clients by getting their key customers to benchmark their performance against competitors across all their key interactions.

As customers, we all interact with the organisations we buy from. Jan Carlzon referred to these interactions as 'Moments of Truth', and claims to have used this as his focus for turning around the ailing airline SAS. (Ballinger, 1987).

We agree with many of Carlzon's views, and have taken them a step further to mobilise the concept of 'Moments of Truth' and begin to work with it. Imonic believes that the management of these interactions with customers is fundamental to managing performance, and hence customer satisfaction and relationships.

Refer to Interaction Management (Moments of Truth) within Imonic Services.