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Our Work in Pharm
Imonic Vision

At Imonic, we are passionate about what we do and the results our clients achieve by working with us.

Our vision for all projects is:

IMONIC VISION: "To achieve customer success, for all our clients."

The diagram below shows Imonic's relationship with its client (identified "B") and emphasizes the need for the tools and techniques applied to contribute significantly to the performance and relationships experienced between our client and their key customers (identified "A").

Fig 1 - Imonic's "Customer Success" vision -represented diagrammatically.

Fig 1 Image
To achieve customer success for our clients, Imonic have to work hard on the relationships and the measurable results, experienced by our client's customers'. To do this successfully our work must impact the links marked "A" in the diagram above.
A strong relationship between Imonic and its client (represented by the link "B" in the diagram above) is imperative, but not sufficient to achieve 'Customer Success' for our client. Our services must impact our 'client-to-customer' relationships (marked "A" on the diagram above).