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Imonic capabilities

It's easy to claim that you are capable of almost everything in your area, whoever the prospective customer and regardless of any sector. At Imonic however, we consider a prospective client's needs on a case-by-case basis, to make sure you get the best from your proposed project. We have a reputation for being direct and open, so if we feel we're not absolutely confident of getting the results you seek, then we'll tell you so.

Imonic operates nationally within the UK and has alliance relationships and licensed associate consultants based in Europe and North America.

As an organisation we have concentrated on remaining specialist and high quality, focusing upon our area of expertise we give our consultants extensive in-depth experience implementing our processes across a wide range of industries. (Refer to <Imonic Clients>).

Our consultants and trainers are seasoned professionals with lots of real gritty experience from both industry and commerce, with excellent track records in customer management. In addition, they are high academic achievers conducting research in this field to support Masters Degrees and PhD research.

Imonic's strategies, tools, techniques and thought leadership can be delivered through training or coaching of individuals and teams. Most commonly though, we pass on these benefits through consultancy projects, each with pre-defined measurable outcomes. Projects range from a few days training and follow-up support to major customer management programmes spanning up to two years.

In summary, our goal is to help you manage your customers through:

  • Consultancy - where we guide, drive and get our hands dirty!
  • Training - we teach skills to internal project leaders who then do the guiding and driving while Imonic provide coordinated follow-up
  • Coaching - we encourage others to seek and find the answers they need to create successes for themselves and their organisations.