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Welcome to Imonic

customer management strategiesOur expertise lies in the diagnosis and creation of effective Customer Management Strategies to suit the unique situation of an individual client. We then differentiate ourselves through our ability to take responsibility for implementation, training and ultimately integration into our client's business process.

Result of what we do

Imonic's Customer Management Processes help clients improve their abilities to understand and respond to customer needs and preferences. We focus on repeat buying, share of potential customer spend, and long term partnerships with high value customers and important stakeholders.

Imonic's clients succeed at Key Account Management by:

  • Creating Customer Success through the delivery of increased value.
  • Clarity of direction through robust account planning.
  • Driving opportunity by capturing & acting upon customer knowledge.
  • Measuring and benchmarking customer satisfaction by individual account.
  • Increasing skills and motivation of account/sales managers via robust process management, coaching and complex sales training.
“Key Account Success” - an integration of our best practice Key Account Management processes into web software. A system designed by strategic account management practitioners specifically for key accounts and complex account selling.

The Website
Imonic's web site will give you insight into a range of our views and services. Clients also use this site as an independent and confidential channel for their customer web surveys. A facility is available on the site to demonstrate our survey methods, please feel free to email Imonic for instructions and password, or to raise any questions Imonic may be able to help you with.